Emergency Sewing Kit Chouinard Collet Chuck Replacement

After much searching and many purchases I have found a suitable replacement for the Chouinard Sewing Kit Collet Chuck. I discovered that they were called Pin Vices.

In the below picture you see the four Pin Vices I ordered for comparisons with ruler and coins for sizing. 3rd from the left is the Mini Hex Chuck, 4th is the Micro Drill Chuck. The drill bit is 3/32". Clicking on the items will take you to the Amazon web page where they were ordered.

Collets Mini Pin Vise by EuroTool 3 Quick Chuck Keyless Drill Bit Bur Hand Electric Drill by SE Mini Drill Chuck 1/4" Hex Shank for Micro Drill Bits by CML Supply Mini Drill Chuck 1/4" Hex Shank for Micro Drill Bits by CML Supply Mini Drill Chuck 1/8" Shank For Micro Drill Bits Mini Drill Chuck 1/8" Shank For Micro Drill Bits by CML Supply

I decided on the 2nd from the left for several reasons.

  1. Existing hole to insert item for turning,
  2. Short (when bar is removed),
  3. Removable collets (2 collets came with pin chuck),
  4. Larger head for ease of tighting, and
  5. Ability to hollow chuck to allow for longer items.

I also chose to include the larger collet with my
emergency sewing kit as it can be tightened pretty small.

Collets Short

I tried to cut the bar. But after it was cut the remaining piece just pulled out; resulting in the two pieces to the left and below the quarter.

Collets Ends

Collet ends have 4 prongs. It would have been better to have three prongs like drills. They could all be tightened until the prongs touch.

Collet Packaging Collet Barcode

Here is the packaging for the one I choose. The long bar had already been removed..

Collet Hollow Center

I hollowed the center to allow for long needles with a 3/32" drill bit. Because there was already a hole 1/4" deep from the removal of the bar, it was a lot easier to drill out by hand. The pre-existing side hole is also 3/32".

Collet pieces

Here are the 3 pieces I will include in my emergency sewing kit. With the rounded blunt top (at the bottom by the 2 5/8" mark) one could use a rock to pound an awl needle thru hard material like thick leather.

Collet Pin

Showing use with long pin. Note that one can not use the turning hole in this configuration.

Collet Blanket Pin

Showing use with blanket pin for turning.

Collet Cotter Pin

Showing use with cotter pin for turning.